Dry Ice Blasting for Marine Services

Traditional marine cleaning methods, such as sandblasting, pressure washing, and using chemical solvents, are time consuming and can create damage to boats and other marine equipment. The dry ice blasting process is the safest and quickest choice for cleaning and inhibiting the future growth of sea slime, algae, mussels, and other marine life.

Industrial marine cleaning services are ideal for:

  • Aluminum and fiberglass ship hulls
  • Water intake valves
  • Electrical panels
  • Exhaust systems
  • Engines
  • Tanks

Environmentally Responsible Marine Blasting Solutions

Because dry ice blasting technology does not use solvents or toxins, we can safely clean all marine equipment - in or out of the water.

Dry ice blasting technology uses pellets of solid CO2, which are shot directly at surfaces in need of cleaning. The pellets sublimate(or immediately change from a solid to a gas) on contact with the surface, creating tiny explosions that loosen contaminants. The CO2 evaporates, leaving only the contaminants and a clean, dry surface behind. Our processes are ecologically friendly, removing stubborn contaminants without posing any threat to marine life.

In addition, marine service applications:

  • Harmlessly inhibit re-growth of marine life
  • Extend life of marine equipment
  • Remove anti-foul coatings

To learn more about our marine service applications, contact our industrial cleaning service company. We provide one-time or regularly scheduled dry ice cleaning services upon request.

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