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Dry ice blasting for Industrial Machinery

The dry ice blast cleaning process is the ideal choice to remove buildup from industrial mold cavities. Over time, cavity buildup can create various problems, from creating inferior products to permanently damaging equipment. Solutions are designed to eliminate hardened plastic, mold release agents, and other buildup, without the need for disassembly or expensive downtime. Dry ice solutions can be applied while machines are in place and the mold is hot, allowing for a more comprehensive clean.

Our dry ice blasting process uses pellets of solid CO2, which are shot at the surface at supersonic speeds. The pellets sublimate, or immediately change from a solid to a gas, on contact with the surface, creating microscopic explosions that loosen contaminants. This process removes stubborn buildup without scratching, etching, or disfiguring industrial molds.

Additional benefits of industrial dry ice machine cleaning applications include:

  • Reduced waste and scrap costs
  • Reduced worker exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • No residue left on surface
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Increased productivity cycles between preventative maintenance schedules
  • Safe to use around electrical systems

Cost-Effective Cleaning Solutions

Dry ice blasting applications cut cleaning time by 80% when compared to traditional cleaning process. Equipment does not require disassembly, and solutions do not utilizechemicals or hand tools -- we leave no residue behind. Molds can be cleaned while they are still hot, and production can be restarted immediately after the cleaning process concludes.

Dry ice blasting applications have been used to clean the following industrial manufacturing equipment:

  • Compression molds
  • Extrusion molds
  • Injection molds
  • Thermoform molds
  • Plastic injection screw barrels
  • Urethane molds and overspill
  • Plate out
  • Off gassing
  • Glue heads and gluers
  • Packaging equipment
  • Extruder screws
  • Ovens
  • Mixers

If your contaminant is not included in the list above, then contact us to speak to one of our experienced dry ice blast operators, and schedule your cleaning today!

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