Dry Ice Blasting for HRSG'S

For HRSGs maximum efficiency is a must. Tubes must be completely free of resistant contamination in order to deliver as much steam as possible - otherwise hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars can be lost. Dry ice blast cleaning is the ideal choice to eliminate HRSG contamination. Solutions are tough enough to remove even the most difficult contaminants, but gentle enough that they won't damage, scratch, or etch delicate equipment.

The dry ice blasting process uses pellets of solid CO2, which are shot at the surface at supersonic speeds. On contact with the surface, pellets creategentle explosions that loosen contaminants. This process is completely non-abrasive, and is delicate enough to clean electronics, tubes, and fine-tuned bundles. We recommend cleaning HRSG equipment every one to two years to ensure consistent efficiency.

Industrial Dry Ice Solutions:

  • Cut equipment downtime by 80% compared to traditional cleaning methods
  • Do not use water or chemical solutions, and leave no secondary waste
  • Are USDA, FDA, and EPA-approved
  • Improve system reliability between cleaning cycles
  • Extend the life of your equipment
Dry Ice Blasting

Turbine Dry Ice Cleaning Solutions

HRSG cleaning services include addressing your swing stage scaffold needs along with the removal of contaminants either in drums or containers.

Our steam generator cleaning team is HAZWOPER and confined-space trained, enabling us to operate even in the smallest of spaces.

Contact our industrial cleaning company to schedule a dry ice blasting service for your heat recovery steam generator today!

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