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Dry Ice Blasting for General Plant Maintenance

Dirt, grease, soot, oil, and other contaminants can create wear and tear on manufacturing machinery, causing malfunctions that result in an unsafe work environment. The dry ice blasting cleaning process is designed to remove buildup in production facilities in a quick, safe, and inexpensive fashion with need for expensive disassembly or downtime.

Dry ice blasting technology uses pellets of solid CO2, which are shot at the surface at supersonic speeds. The pellets sublimate, or immediately change from a solid to a gas, on contact with the surface, creating tiny explosions that loosen contaminants. This process removes stubborn contaminants without damaging the most delicate equipment, eliminating the need for water or chemical solvents.

Non-Toxic Work Environments

Dry ice blasting solutions decrease employee exposure to hazardous chemicals, reducing health risks and creating safer work environments. Our process enhances Total Production Maintenance (TPM) programs, while reducing productivity line disruptions by up to 80%.

Dry ice cleaning systems are portable, reducing the possibility for damaging equipment or injuring workers during disassembly, while saving valuable time. No cool down process is required, and production can resume immediately once the cleaning process is done.

Dry ice blasting services are ideal for removing the following contaminants from general plant maintenance applications:

  • Oil
  • Gum
  • Ink
  • Grease
  • Metallic Weld Slag
  • Insoluble Overspray
  • Adhesives
  • Petroleum
  • Tar
  • Mold
  • Resins
  • Paint
  • Soot
  • Decals

If your contaminant is not included in the list above, then contact us to speak to one of our experienced dry ice blast operators, and schedule your cleaning today!

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