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Dry Ice Balsting

Dry ice blasting for Food Manufacturing and Processing

Dry ice blasting provides an environmentally friendly process for removing grease, wax, proteins, seasoning, crumbs, glue and other build-up from food manufacturing and processing equipment, while maintaining high industry standards for cleanliness. Cleaning is performed without the need for equipment disassembly, cutting cleaning time by up to 80%.

Our dry ice blasting process uses pellets of solid CO2, which are shot at the surface at supersonic speeds.The process eliminates contaminants without the use of toxic chemicals or water, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Dry Ice Cleaning

This services are approve by the FDA, EPA, and USDA. have been report by the Food Standards Agency. To effective decontaminate surfaces of Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria.
Extra benefits of our dry ice food manufacturing and processing applications include:
  • Sensitive equipment (ovens, dryers, etc.) can remain in place during the cleaning process
  • Reduction of productivity line disruptions
  • Food grade dry ice approved by the FDA
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Cleaning can take place while ovens are still on
  • Does not leave secondary residue

Cleaning Solutions

Dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning a wide variety of food manufacturing and processing applications:
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Mixing equipment
  • Uncooked residues
  • Packaging equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Dryers
  • Freezers
  • Baked-on oven residues
  • Glue head residues
  • Electric motors
  • Floors, ceilings and walls
  • Food storage rooms a equipment
  • Slicers and dividers
  • Electrical components and motors
  • Labelers and gluers
  • Pack-off tables
  • Radial feeders (Ishida Weighers)
  • Food molds
  • Palletizers
  • Proof box grids

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